EP 21: The Power of Online Journalism with Jeff Richgels, Capital Newspapers

The printed newspaper faces its stiffest competition from online journalism because nearly anyone with an Internet presence can compete against standard journalism.

Newspapers employ editors like Jeff Richgels of Capital Newspapers in Madison, Wisconsin to maintain the presence and image the industry has fostered for decades.

This episode targets online journalism because its powerful influence cannot be denied. But you’ll hear in this episode it treads a sensitive area because the printed newspaper still generated more revenue than its digital sibling.

The importance of Capital Newspapers was tested a few weeks ago during record flooding in the Madison area. Here’s an example of how online journalism by newspapers uses the power of other mediums such as video to tell a story:

Jeff Richgels is the online editor for Capital Newspapers in Madison, Wisconsin, and also publisher of his own blog about the sport of bowling, www.11thframe.com

This is a two-part topic. Jeff talks about his work at Capital Newspapers in Episode 21. Upcoming in Episode 23 (go to my Facebook page for information about Episode 22, which will be a personal story one year after the mass shooting in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017), Jeff will talk about personal online journalism – he publishes a blog about the sport of bowling, www.11thframe.com, one of the more successful one-man paid content blog sites.

We haven’t forgotten about the fake news subject. We address it in this issue.

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EP 21: The Power of Online Journalism with Jeff Richgels, Capital Newspapers

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