The Simon Says Podcast Introduction

I wrote June 24 that my website was undergoing a “reboot.”

Friend and former radio colleague Jay Kersting joins me for the announcement and at the same time just having fun during a Saturday morning drive in Las Vegas.

For more about Jay, visit his Doterra website. You’ll find some amazing oils and scents and i highly endorse them.

We originally recorded this as a Facebook Live broadcast and the audio has been excerpted for the podcast debut. Therefore, the audio will not be as “clean” as if it were recording in a studio or in normal ambient surroundings.

I created this podcast because people for years have told me I should return to broadcasting. Therefore, this is my return to broadcasting – hosting my own “station” in a podcast format to be completely independent and creative. Your input counts. Email me at with your suggestions.

This podcast service is free for listeners. However, if you feel making a small contribution will help make the experience of listening more enjoyable for you and others, I appreciate your help. Some equipment still needs to be acquired to make this a major league podcast. As you listen to Jay and I in this initial podcast, a remote microphone for the smartphone device would have been made the audio more clear and crisp. I won’t be building a world-class audio studio, but will be constructing one to match my other nickname, Simple Simon.

Enjoy the inaugural Simon Says podcast and thank you for listening.

Scott Simon


The Simon Says Podcast Introduction

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